ABOUT antu-made

Intuitive and Sculpture

At Antu-Made, we believe spaces should be filled with furnishings that serve a functional purpose and offer a unique and elegant decorative element. Our work finds a careful balance of strength and lightness that can be found throughout the natural world.

Our skilled artisans work with highly specialized, beautiful and tactile materials from myriad sources. They draw upon Old World techniques to transform those materials into innovative seating and tables for modern-day interiors. The process reflects the precision and meticulous attention to detail that gem cutters bring to their work. We think of our pieces as fine jewelry accessorizing the home.

About our Creative Director

Antu-Made reflects the inventive, eminently practical and always unique vision of master artist, designer and creative director Anna Marks. For her, each piece is first conceived as a work of art. In the imagining, it becomes animated with almost life-like qualities before she translates the concept into a functional yet elegant object for the home.

“I have an emotional connection to the objects I create–a sensitivity and a compulsion to create pieces that connect to history and the present day through timeless design,” she says.

Anna Marks is fascinated with new technologies that allow her to express innovative interpretations of the Earth’s natural elements. Throughout her work and that of the Antu-Made team, metals are burnished to glow while retaining a rough-hewn quality. Rigorously selected rock and stone are cut with precision and presented to optimize their inherent beauty. Because each Antu-Made piece is hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike.

Anna Marks artist, designer, creative director of Antu-Made